Advent Challenge: Xmas Round '11


Ho Ho Ho! adventchallenge is pleased to announce that sign-ups for its 2011 Xmas Round are open until the 30th of November. We want to make this year bigger and better than ever, and the most important part of that is you guys, which is why we're inviting every artist and writer who wants to take part to come along and sign up!

What is the Advent Challenge? Simply put 25 stories or artworks posted in the 25 days running up to Christmas. We're a multi-fandom challenge, and although we focus on Yaoi pairings, Het and Yuri are welcome too. For more information or just to have a nose at some of last year's excellent entries go to [info]adventchallenge  or go straight to How to Advent . Hope to see you there and looking forward to seeing all the wonderful things you come up with this holiday season!

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naruto_meme is accepting new prompts!

Posted with special permission from faorism !

Hey everyone! Have you read the news? [info]naruto_meme , a monthly anonymous writing memes comm for Naruto fans, has got three new mods and accepting suggestions for new prompts right now!

Got a few favorite themes, genres, styles, or characters you want to add to the growing list of prompts? A few favorite ones that were already featured that you want to see again? Now’s your chance! Head over here to let us know what prompts you’d like to see!

Come on over and join the fun! ♥


Prompt 016: animal

It's time for us to examine our bestial side with this week's prompt, animal. Will this mean that Lee gets a pet iguana that takes all his attention from a now-jealous Gaara, or that Hinata a wildcat in between the sheets? Or maybe Mizuki, driven mad by humanity's disapproval of him, turns to a more... natural state of mind? Release the beast within the queer ships this week!

(And just a reminder, our Sasuke/Naruto challenge is still open. We have had some wonderful submissions so far, and would love you see more posted! The theme is post-series, and further specifications and rules can be found at the announcement post.)

Drabble 015- Down the Rabbit Hole: Sakura/Karin

Title: Down and Down and Maybe Further Westward
Author: fallen-angel-of-repression
Series: Naruto
Genre and Pairing: Urban Life/Surrealism. Sakura/Karin.
Words/Progress: ~300; Complete.
Notes: G. AU. For queershinobi100's prompt 15 (down the rabbit hole).
Summary: Her eyes caught her eyes and didn't waver. Now, now there is nothing but the chase.

Follow her.
Barely scraping by

Challenge oo1 - Post Series: Sasuke/Naruto

Title: Dreams of the Spider
Character/Pairings: NaruSasu
Rating: PG-13
Word Count: 237
Warnings: This heavily alludes to sex but I feel is not nearly descriptive enough to deserve a higher rating. All the same, those who are shy of sexual activity, beware.
Summery: Everyone politely continues the facade while behind closed doors everyone already knows better.
Notes: I am brand new to this community so please forgive me if I don't get this exactly right ^^; This is for queershinobi100 Challenge oo1 - Post Series: Sasuke/Naruto

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