for the world is hollow. (faorism) wrote in queershinobi100,
for the world is hollow.

Challenge #13 winner!

Sorry for the late post!

I have to make this short, but thank you all for participating in this last challenge. They were all so, so wonderful and heartfelt and, just... amazing. The one I will choose for the winner for challenge 13 is ladygizarme for her fiction, Much Delayed. It's rare that I get emotional as I read fanfiction, but I felt myself worked up over this gem.

And because it seemed to work rather well last time, instead of a single week, challenge 14 will be two weeks long. It gives you writers some more time to think and write. (Depending on how this goes, I might permanently change the challenge's length.)

Hope to see the next challenge up soon!
Tags: prompt 013: save
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