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Drabbling the Queer Ships
because who has time to write a multi-chapter
Challenge 001: Sasuke/Naruto 
7th-Mar-2010 01:07 pm
As part of our community make-over, we decided to create a monthly challenge!

The monthly challenge will last four weeks. Writers can submit a drabble between a minimum of 100 words to a maximum of 500 words. Like our weekly prompts, the monthly challenge will include a word, phrase, or scenario prompt, but unlike our weekly prompts, the challenge will have a specific pairing that must be adhered to. Anyone can submit a drabble for the challenge; there's no need to sign up for anything!

The monthly challenge is broken down by weeks. After we post the challenge, you will be given three weeks to write a drabble and submit it to the community. (If you're unfamiliar with how to submit your drabbles to the community, please read the rules on our profile page.) We'll remind you of the challenge deadline periodically. At the end of three weeks, all submitted drabbles will be collected and voted on in a screened entry by community members. By the end of the fourth week, a winner and runner-up will be announced and given banners for their drabbles.

So, without further ado, queershinobi100 presents the first challenge:

Our first pairing is Sasuke/Naruto! We decided to go with a classic and well-loved pairing to get the ball rolling; please note that Naruto/Sasuke and Sasuko/Naruko is also welcome, but het variations of this couple (such as Sasuke/Naruko or Naruto/Sasuko) are not. Clones are always welcome, but threesomes (such as Sasuke/Naruto/Gaara) are not. The prompt for this challenge is post-series. To clarify, post-series is what you believe will happen once the Naruto series is completed. It can be moments after, months after, or years after, but it must contain elements that prove to us that it is after the fact.

We hope to see some wonderful drabbles from everyone. Good luck and have fun!
 ♥ Faor and Steve

Help us pimp this challenge!

If you have any questions, feel free to ask!
(Deleted comment)
8th-Mar-2010 12:45 pm (UTC) - mod post:
Of course. But be sure to be explicit in that Sasuke and Naruto's relationship is the focus of the story. If you are unsure if your drabble fits this qualification, please PM either calciseptine or myself a copy of your drabble. (Note that we will okay just about everything, so there isn't too much to worry about!)
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