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Prompt 015: down the rabbit hole

The weekly prompt is the other new aspect of our community. This is a word, phrase, or scenario prompt given each week; please note that word or phrase prompts are just prompts, and do not need to be used directy in the drabble. All pairings are welcome, and you can submit as many drabbles for the prompt as you would like. For formatting, tags, and other questions, please check out the rules on our profile page or ask us here!

Drabbles for the weekly prompts should have a minimum of 100 words or a maximum of 300. Drawbles are allowed for weekly prompts, so artists, draw away!

Our prompt for this week is down the rabbit hole, in celebration of Tim Burton's film being released this weekend. Does this mean that Sakura dons a blue dress and follows a rabbit to another strange world or does it mean Sasuke is as mad as a hatter? Or maybe it's something philosophical, like Neji opening up to the possibility of more? Tell us with your drabbles!
Tags: prompt 015: down the rabbit hole
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