Challenge #12 and help_haiti information


As you all should know, two devastating earthquakes have hit Haiti in the last week. Many have died, and many more need help. Sometimes there is little we can do as individuals when faced with a tragedy such as this, but even that little bit of help is enough. A community, help_haiti, has been set up so fandom can raise donations. So, in light of this, my challenge is going to be different. For the rest of the month, the prompt is "save." Write, write, write, write. Although I cannot force you to do anything, I could like to ask for everyone to post a link to help_haiti in their A/N. Please. Every bit helps.

Thank you to all who have already contributed, and feel free to post a link to what your auctioning in the comments to this entry.

Edit: If you wish to promote any sort of charitable cause, feel free to use this prompt and, as we did for help_haiti, link us to information about the charity.
Left My Heart In My Other Pants

Challenge #12 Winner

I'm sorry this post is so late^^; I don't even have an excuse for you; I just forgot...8D

ANYWAY, the winner! There was only one submission this week, The Eternal Search by faorism , so she is winner by default, but that's not to say she isn't most certainly deserving! I know I sure as hell could never have written such an awesome poem...*fails at poetry and is therefore blown away by people who win at it* XD

So congratulations, your modliness! NOW BRING FORTH THE NEXT PROMPT!:D

Challenge #11 Winner!

Sorry this post is late, so let's get right to the point!

Thanks so much to both of our participants for this challenge! As always, it was hard to decide a winner! In the end, of course, I had to choose.

Congratulations to kisslicknipsuck! You've won this challenge thanks to the hilarious imagery of OCD!Kakashi in your drabble His Spot.

I look forward to the challenge you give us now. :)
Left My Heart In My Other Pants

#11 - crazy: Kakashi x Naruto

Title: His Spot
Pairing: KakaNaru
Rating: G
Genre: fluff
Word Count: 325 (hope it's okay to go a little over...o.o)
A/N: Yay! First time participating!:D lol I took the prompt very..uh...loosely...not really "crazy" so much as "obsessive compulsive"...but...whatever!XD Hope you guys like it!:3

Kakashi has developed a few neuroses over the years, but thankfully Naruto loves him enough to be patient.
naruto & gama

Challenge #11: Extension

Eheheh..  Happy New Year, qs100!  Most of you have probably been as busy as me, and haven't had a chance to write.  I completely lost track of when the week for the challenge would be up, even.  So, if it's okay with faor, I'd like to extend the deadline at least until Friday, January 08, 2010.

I hope by then we can get some submissions for challenge #11: crazy!