Drabbling the Queer Ships

because who has time to write a multi-chapter

The Queer Ships of Naruto
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For those who like boys with boys with kunai, and girls with girls with shuriken.
Our Way of the Ninja:

Like drabble communities? Like yaoi/yuri? Love Naruto?

Well, here is a place to play with your favorite (or deliciously indulgent) shippings. This community features both a weekly, noncompetitive prompt and a monthly challenge!

General Rules:

+-Any and all shippings are welcome, as long as they include yaoi and/or yuri. Like Sasuke/Naruto? Awesome. Like Sakura/Ino? Awesome. Gaara/Haku? Kakashi/Iruka? Shino/Lee? Hinata/Anko? All awesome. How about Tobi/Deidara/Iruka/Sasuke/Orchimaru/Lee/Kakashi/Haku? Hey, whatever floats your ship.

+-Because this community is multi-shipping, there is a high possibility that there will be a pairing you are uncomfortable with. However much it might bother you, you must refrain from bashing. Rudeness of any kind will not be tolerated.

+-Lurkers are loved!

+-PLEASE COMMENT. Everyone likes to hear what you thought of their work. The person who posted the challenge is not allowed to comment until after a winner has been chosen. We will not ban you for not allowing comments on a post, but we will be highly, highly annoyed.

+-Kinks and smut are permitted (and encouraged)!

+-Incest, AU, OC (see below for extended notes), femme!/masculine! (see below for extended notes), unrequited love (see below for extended notes), clonecest, cross-gen, cross-dress, chan, non-con, het side-pairings, OT3+ and anything squick are permitted. (Note: OT3+ can have het, but you must focus on the yaoi/yuri aspect of the relationship.)

+-No heterophobia. No sexism. No racism. No xenophobia. No bigotry. No hate. No bashing. No trashing. No trolling. (If any of these are a vital part of your drabble, please contact one of the mods and we will determine if it is appropriate for the community.)

+-No advertising or off-topic posts without mod permission (note that we will likely deny most requests).

+-ABSOLUTELY NO PLAGIARISM. This will result in banning.

+-Cross-posting is permitted, as is combining the week's challenge with other communities' challenges/prompts. Feel free to say where you are also posting it, and please make sure to add queershinobi100 to your author's notes wherever you do post!

+-Please refrain from posting old drabbles or sections of your other fictions. The point of the community to be inspired by the challenges and prompts as they are given, and posting old stuff goes against the spirit of queershinobi100.

+-Breaking rules is a sad thing. If something doesn't seem right, we will send a warning, and you must remove the comment/post (unless you convince us that it was actually appropriate). If we see that you are repeatedly doing something against the rules, we will ban. If you feel like someone is breaking the rules, please feel free to tell either Faor or Steve. We will not name you, and it would be nice to have help keeping this community nice!

Weekly Prompts:

Weekly prompts are the noncompetitive aspect of this community. Every week, a word, phrase, or scenario prompt will be chosen by the mods and posted to the community. Drabbles for weekly prompts must be between a minimum of 100 words and a maximum of 300. You can post as many drabbles for as many pairings as you wish!

Note: Drawbles are allowed for weekly prompts. There are currently no regulations on fanart but try to keep with the feeling of a drawble. So artists, feel free to post any of your artwork as long as it pertains to the prompt.

Monthly Challenges:

Like the weekly prompt, a monthly challenge will have a word, phrase, or scenario prompt; unlike the weekly prompt, however, the monthly challenge will have a specified pairing. A challenge must be between a minimum of 100 words and a maximum of 500. Only one drabble per person is allowed in challenges, so make it count!

A challenge will run for one month. Anyone can participate. As soon as the challenge is posted, you have three weeks to submit a drabble for the challenge. At the end of three weeks, we will have the other members of the community vote for their favorite drabble in a screened post. This process will take a week. At the end of the forth week, a winner and a runner-up will be announced, and they will both receive banners for their drabbles.

Note: Drawbles are not allowed for monthly challenges.

Submission Guidelines

+-Shipping: The focus of your drabble must be a yaoi and/or yuri shipping. Heterosexual pairings are allowed, but not as the main couple. There are no exceptions.

+-Beta: Having a beta is not necessary, but editing is greatly encouraged. (Reading it aloud once, for example, can save you from an embarrassing mistake!) All we ask is for no crazy CAPLOCK stuff, or other formatting oddities.

+-Post Format:
+--> Cut: LJ-cut your drabble, no matter the size. Fake LJ-cuts are permitted as long as they are done properly. If you do not know how to use a LJ-cut, please visit here
+--> Heading: Drabble # and Prompt: Ship
  Example: Drabble 015- Down the Rabbit Hole: Sakura/Karin.
For challenges, even though the pairing is specified, please still include the pairing in your heading.
  Example: Challenge 001- Post Series: Sasuke/Naruto
+--> Tag: For weekly drabbles, please tag your post as such: prompt #: prompt.
  Example: prompt 015: down the rabbit hole.
If you submit for a challenge, please tag your post as: challenge #: challenge.
  Example: challenge 001: post-series.
+--> Body: You must include:
  Word Count:
You can add other categories such as Author’s Notes, Summary, or anything else you’d like as long as you keep it clean and organized. Please do not format your own text so that it is a different font, different font size, multiple colors, or aligned in a specific way. Please give your entry proper warnings; if your entry contains sexual activity, recent spoilers, or squicks (which includes incest, mpreg, character death, non-con, BDSM, etc.) you must warn for it.

+-Naming a Pairing: (This rule applies to all ships, but it is easier to explain with an example.) Writing SasuNaruSasu, Sasu/Naru/Sasu, or Sasuke/Naruto/Sasuke implies that you have a Sasuke, a Naruto, and a Sasuke-clone. Do not write something along the lines of SasuNaruSasu if you mean that the two switch who tops, or it is ambiguous. There is no real way of saying this, so just pick one to be written first.

+-Older Prompts Challenges: You may write and post a drabble for any of the older prompts or challenges. Obviously, old challenges will be inadmissible for current challenges, but if something really inspires you, go for it!

+-Original Characters: OCs are permitted, whether the shipping is character/OC or OC/OC. However, it must be clear that they are within the Naruto-universe (so no AU for OCs). Although we would prefer to have non-OCs, this community is all about openness! So, as long as the OCs are within the Naruto-universe, are in a yaoi/yuri shipping, and the submission fits all other guidelines, an OC is allowed. Until further notice, OC-posts will be admissible.

+-Genderswitch: Femme!/Masculine! is permitted, however, the resulting ship must be yaoi and/or yuri. For example, Sasuke/femme!Naruto is het, therefore should not be posted here. On the other hand, femme!Sasuke/femme!Naruto and Sakura/femme!Naruto are yuri so they are allowed. This rule applies to both of the following scenarios: the femme!/masculine!character was born as the opposite sex than what is canon (Naruto is born a female); jutsu/magic/operation was the cause of the transformation (Naruto uses sexy-no-jutsu). Note that any and all cross-dressing is permitted at all times, and this rule only refers to when the character is physically the opposite sex than what is canon.

+-Unrequited Relationships: You may have the main ship in your drabble one-sided; however, we would prefer it if the focus was on the unrequited yaoi/yuri ship (ex: if it were Sasuke→Naruto with Naruto/Sakura, the story should lean toward Sasuke→Naruto, not Naruto/Sakura). If you think that the main focus is on a het ship (Naruta/Sakura in the example) or is too "general," send one of the mods (either Faor or Steve) a PM with a copy of your fiction for it to be accepted or rejected. (Note: We will probably okay anything, so don't worry too much about this!)

+-Multiple Submissions: You are allowed to submit as many entries as you would like for a weekly prompt. However, you are only allowed one submission for a monthly challenge. There are no exceptions.



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Other Nonsense

+-Tell everyone you know about this humble community! Even if they only like one yaoi/yuri shipping, that is all you need to join and enjoy. We hope to have as many shippings represented as possible, and every writer/artist helps.

+-All submissions are under memories listed by shipping. Note that, in order to avoid our own prejudice, the names of the pairing are listed alphabetically.

+-If your formatting of any entry is off (tags, heading, etc), we will edit it if we can or send you a message to fix it. There is no penalty for formatting your post incorrectly, but we ask that it does not become a habit.

+-If you want to become an affiliate and/or have a link here to show support, just message on of the mods. There is virtually nothing Naruto-related yaoi/yuri we will refuse.

+-Have questions? Have recommendations for bettering this community, or is there something you need to whine about? Is someone breaking the rules, or maybe you just want a hug? Contact either faorism or calciseptine, your lovable mods.

Credits: Layout by das_porno_uke. Icon and banners by Steve and Faor, and our graphic work can be found at theqilin.